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Our Pricing Programs

We’re all about having a pricing plan that is right for you.

Wilcox Energy offers a variety of price protection plans.

Cap Price

Our Cap Price program protects customers from unexpected fluctuations in the market. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your price will never increase higher that your ceiling price but it allows your price to decrease as the market decreases.

  • Begins July 1st.
  • Guaranteed capped price protection.
  • Protected should the price of heating oil increase, but allows for a lower price if the market goes down
  • Enjoy automatic delivery all year long.
  • Hedging fee is required.
  • Available only with our budget program

What is a hedging fee?

When we offer our customers the protection of a capped price, we also charge what is known as a hedging fee.  Many of you have asked, “What is a hedging fee, and why do I have to pay it?”

To offer you a capped price, we have to pay a premium, much like insurance, in order to protect you if the market rises or if the market drops, allowing your price to never go above the capped price, but to go lower if the market does.  The hedging fee is our cost to ensure the future maximum price while retaining the opportunity to pay a lower price should the market price drop.  We get that protection through a combination of Futures and Options Contracts, bought on the commodities market. Unfortunately there is a cost for this service, and our hedging fees are applied to these charges.  The hedging fee we require for the capped price program passes only a portion of these costs to you.

Pre-buy Fixed Price

Make one payment in July when the price, historically, is at its lowest, and you don’t need to worry about oil bills for the rest of the year! With Wilcox’s Prepay Program there is no hedging fees and we can pass any preseason discounts along to you. You will enjoy automatic delivery all year.

    • One payment due in July.
    • Guaranteed price protection.
    • Fixed price does not go up or down regardless of market price throughout the year.
    • Enjoy automatic delivery all year long.
    • No hedging fee with fixed price
    • Downside protection with hedging fee is available
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