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Includes everything on our Basic Plan, plus coverage at no charge on parts or labor on the following items:

    • Oil Burner Plus Complete
    • Air Scoop / Spriovent
    • Altimeter Gauge
    • Automatic Feed Valve
    • Backflow Preventer
    • Boiler Drain
    • Circulator Complete*
    • Circulator Flange Gasket*
    • Combustion Chamber
    • Extrol / Expansion Tank
    • Flow Check Valve
    • Hi Vent
    • Low Water Cut Off (Hydronic Only)
    • Relief Valve
    • Taco, Honeywell & Flair Zone Valve*
    • Tempering Valve (Element only)


* Covers main heating zone only. Extra charge for additional zones. Labor and parts will be charged at prevailing rates for repairing or replacing domestic coil, mixing values, or leaking pipes. Contract excludes water parts if system contains antifreeze.

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